Monday, January 2, 2012

Check In

Three weeks already?! 61 miles of biking and walking! I called my insurance company today and cancelled my car insurance.  When the guy asked me why I was dropping my insurance, I felt so giddy when I told him we gave up our car.  I thought for sure he would waste my time trying to convince me to change my mind but instead he congratulated me.  But truly, we don't need accolades.  All we want is for you to feel MOVED, literally;)  Did you see what Julie posted last week on a check in?  Wow!  She has just re-committed to  not buying anything new for a year!

Here is what she wrote:
you know i love what this is about and you have definitely inspired me to do more. we already do a lot to keep our carbon footprints small(er), but after reading your blog, i have decided to *compact* for another year. i did this a few years ago and it was great. but like many things, once we fall off the wagon, it's that much harder to get back on. read about the basic concept here:
or google *the compact group* for more info. it does take some effort but it's really fun once you re-train your brain to buy only used items (except safety and health items). it's like a scavenger hunt that never ends.
join me (if you dare), starting jan 1, 2012, to buy only pre-loved/gently used for as long as you can, and as often as you can.
(FYI, the downtown market, next to amazing savings, has a little bit of everything, mostly used).

You are AMAZING Julie!  Thank you so much for sharing your call to action.  

Now, one little story about our week.  The other day my daughter's dad texted me and asked me where I was on my walk home so that he could drop her off with me.  Before they got to me, he asked her, "Should we give your mama a ride home or do you want to walk home with her?"  She said, " I want to walk with my mama!"  Later when she was telling me her choices her dad gave her, she said, "I have to get strong muscles mama, so that we can walk everywhere!"  Isn't she precious.  Isn't she inspiring:D

Have a great week friends.


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