Monday, January 16, 2012

Check In 5 weeks

5 weeks and 87 miles logged! Leah is walking a mile without blinking an eye.  We walked nearly an entire mile uphill today and she didn't even comment on it.  She is getting so strong and she doesn't even know it. Well, until cheerleader mama pipes up, "Wow!!!!!" :D  Amazing.  Even better on our way back down the hill she was really noticing the view of the mountains as we looked down over our town and said, "Wait, mama, let's stop a minute and look at how beautiful this is."  Makes my eyes a little teary just thinking about it.
Here she is noticing the sparkle of mica in the rocks.

So winter is here and then she's gone.  Have to say as far as years to pick for this adventure, mother nature has been kind to us, generally.  However, over the last week we have had some very wet days and some  very frigid days too.  What do we say to that?  Why go anywhere.  We slowed way down on walking this week simply because it made more sense to stay put and enjoy what was right in front of us.  We cleaned, we baked, we played cards, and read.  You know, the basic stuff that fills one's soul with goodness.  And yes, it was good.  We highly recommend it.

Have a great week friends.  "Do good. Be good." -swami Satchidananda


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