Monday, January 23, 2012

Check In 6 Weeks

6 weeks and 115 miles down the road.  It was a huge week for commuting.  I realized this week that my learning curve for maintaining adequate energy and time for recreational running is no where close to finding the bell.  When will I run for pleasure again!?  So much time and energy is needed in planning the commutes of the day and teaching vigorous classes that I finish a day without thinking about running at all.  I can't even believe I had time to train for a marathon just a year ago.  Maybe this is the hidden treasure of our commitment, the sleeping lioness of all training, to cross train and not train at all.

Invested in a bike rack today.  Must get the heavy pack off my back.  Mule packs here I come.  By the way, I  bought it at Youngblood Bikes.  Youngblood is the greatest.  Kind man, really into bikes and friendly as can be.  He got my thumbs up as soon as I walked in from the pouring, cold as it could be rain, and I spotted hot coffee ready to warm me up.  Score.  Check him out.

Have a great week friends.  Keep on keeping on and keep on finding ways to make your community thrive.


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