Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Check In 37 Weeks

877 miles.   It occurred to me today that the days are getting much shorter and the season will soon change.  I idly wondered what kind of weather the upcoming months will bring.  Weather is not taken lightly when we are walking through it.  Yet, at this point, what weather have we not walked through?  The rhythm of the seasons, while it influences the type of shoes we will wear, does not keep us from the dance.  Rather, shows us how to bend and sway in more graceful ways.
For that, I am grateful.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Check In 36 weeks

849 miles under our belt!  Wow! and also, thank goodness for the kindness of friends that happen to be going our way.  Some days are tough.  Some days you just have to have groceries and can't physically make it happen in the time that is given.  Most of the time, I just grin and bear the loss of  food but sometimes I just have to bite my ego and ask for a ride to the store.  Have I failed when I do?  I don't think so.  The ultimate goal is being completely aware and conscious of every choice we make.  We do what we can and sometimes we can't do it alone.   Those days go more smoothly when I willingly admit, I need help.  Cheers to the courage to ask for it.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Check In 34 and 35 weeks

Today we have been walking for exactly 35 weeks. 820 miles.  That's amazing.  Lately, we have taken some trips by sharing rides with friends.  It's a win win. Shared expense, company and our sweet planet is grateful that at least two family's are taking a car off the road ;)
Posts have been a bit spotty lately but I promise to resume as frequently as I can.  Sometimes you just have to walk away from the computer.
Be well friends.