Thursday, April 26, 2012

Check In 19 weeks

19 weeks, 459 miles of travel that my heart feels good about.  That's cool stuff.  It has been raining like crazy!  Thank goodness of rubbery clothing and those serendipitous moments of still clouds.
I have been thinking a lot this week about my concepts of what I need.  I think I have to be the kind of mom that offers her child all these opportunities and things and I keep feeling short sheeted when those places and things are places that I cannot get to.  What kind of a mother am I? (Runs through my head)  And then when I calm down, I realize that everything I think I should be and or have comes from this previous model of who I cannot be now.  It was never a good model to start with.  It's a model of over consumption that seems sustainable because I have only my little window of life to see through.  But, this model is a error.  I am so glad we have made a long term commitment because I think it will take that long to reprogram myself.  When we stay at home and do simple things like bake bread or watch outside our kitchen window waiting to see if we see a hummingbird, that's the good stuff.  The best thing I can offer my child is me.  Time laughing, reading, baking, talking and even being still and quiet together is the real gift.

Thanks friends.  Seek goodness.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Check In 18 weeks!

431 miles!  It feels so amazing to have 18 weeks behind us on our journey.  There are some days, well, several in the last few weeks, where I just want to throw in the towel and to say the hell with it.  But, something stops me every time.  Stubbornness?  Maybe.  Always have been fairly willful.  I mean there are days when biking up the hill after teaching an intense class stinks and I wish I could throw my bike at someone yet, I keep trekking.  I think when I boil it down I want certain things for my daughter and I know no way to do that but actually DO that.  I want my daughter to understand integrity.  I want her to understand personal responsibility. I want her to express the action of love.  I want her to understand what it means to stop talking, and start walking.  These concepts, push me forward.  In the end, all my frustration and fatigue turn into a sweet, intangible reward that strengthens my resolve and moves us gently along, one step at a time. That my friends, feels good.

Hey! Look at this cool poster I saw the other day.  Love it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Check In 17 weeks

We broke 400 miles of earth saving travel!  I feel like fireworks should be blazing, bands should be blaring and brooks should be babbling Yippeee.  Or no one notices but guess what, we do.  We notice and our planet notices, one little step at a time.  They all add up.  Yep, that's all I have today.  Take a step friends, you might find that it's not that challenging after all.  Imagine it easy and and it will be easy.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Check In 16 weeks

380 miles!  It's Spring Break and we might just be the only people in Asheville not at the beach.  I have to work harder on the concept of carpooling with my community.  It makes sense friends!  Two families in a car, sharing gas, cutting emissions in HALF!  Next time okay:)

So instead of the beach, we are planting more strawberries and we created a spiral herb garden.  It's glorious.  We have done virtually zero walking this week and instead we are staying home enjoying all that is near.  Planting, reading, playing games and baking for ourselves and our neighbors.  Loving it.

Live well with our planet.