Monday, January 9, 2012

Check In 4 weeks!

4 weeks in, 77 miles of trekking so far!  Someone said to me a few days ago, I thought you would have accumulated more miles by now.  I reflected for a moment,  then realized that  would be true if we had a car.  If we had a car we would be taking thoughtless trips to the store, hopping over to friends houses and countless other journeys that just happen without well, thinking.  I always wondered how I went through a tank of gas so fast.
Now, without a car, life unfolds with much more intention.  Trips are thought through and time is allotted for the journey.  Unconscious acts of travel cease.
We have had some really cold days this week and really rainy days too.  Days we simply did not go anywhere and days that people simply would not allow us to walk.  I got texts telling me it was too cold and they would pick me up.  Yes, let's share the journey!  Lend us a hand if you are moved to!  Two families using one vehicle cuts our carbon foot print in half!  Our experience and ways of navigating through our journey are limitless!  How many ways can we find new solutions?  I don't know but I can't wait to find out.

I want to shout out about my amazing hair artist;) Amanda at Wildflower Studios on Merrimon.
Check out her sign!
5 bucks off if you ride your bike, walk or take the bus to her Studio!  Every time you go.  Sweet!  Holy moly I LOVE her cuts and her sweet sweet soul.  No she did not ask me to shamelessly plug her. Dang y'all she just ROCKS and I love telling people about awesomeness in our community.  Check this eco-loving business out!

Have a great week friends!  Remember to tell us what you are DOING in your community to make it whole :)


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