Monday, February 13, 2012

Check In 9 weeks

9 weeks, 170 miles down the road!  It's cold!  I didn't walk anywhere for the last 2 days at all!  I have barely walked anywhere for 4 days.  Much of which had to do with being sick and well not having wheels when I am sick means I am that much closer to being well.  Not only should I not go out, I simply can't go out.  Ahhhh.  In bed, recovering as I should be.  Kinda a nice place to be.

In other cool news, I just got wind of my community creating a really cool card that promotes people buying locally.  It also benefits our local schools!  FANTASTIC!  
Best part is if you sport this card you get discounts for local cake and truffles too.  Now that is worth supporting :D

Here's the link.  Check it out!

Thanks for checkin in friends.

Have a great week.


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