Monday, February 6, 2012

Check In 8 weeks

157 miles and two months down the road!  It was a busy week last week on the road.  Happy to say that nearly all of our commuting was on bike as it was so warm and lovely.    Even in the rain we peddled on fully outfitted in rain wear, eyes wide open for rainbows.
I was a bit disgruntled in our rainy day pursuits when we traveled all the way to the grocery store, shopped and checked out, well, tried to check out but I forgot my wallet!  Arghhh, that kind of error is much easier to handle with a car.  Alas, the veggie dogs and kefir had to wait another day.  Reminder to self, double check that we have everything we need before taking off down the wet road.
We are still in great spirits though and laughing along the way.
Hope you are too.
Enjoy the journey friends.

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