Thursday, March 22, 2012

Check In 14 weeks

330 miles of human generated power!  14 weeks and climbing!  Spring is knocking my socks off! In addition to smooth trekking with the gorgeous weather we have been having, I have been inspired to plant a garden.  First year in many that I have had enough sunlight to do it.  We are very excited to grow our very own tomatoes this year.  Being local can take on so many different forms and some of them are oh so very yummy.  Maybe that is your contribution to your community!  Grow your own garden this summer.

In other excitingly green news, I bought stamps yesterday.  The post office has GO GREEN stamps.  One of them even says ride a bike and another one says share rides. Made me smile.

Hope you are having a fabulous Spring so far.  Remember to soak it up and drink nettle tea, the allergens are crazy right now!


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