Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Check In 12 weeks

12 weeks, 263 miles of guilt free travel!
A little late on the update, my apologies.  We have been so super busy with commuting that I have just been dog tired and have lacked the energy to do anything, non essential.  I logged over 30 miles last week!
It was definitely not all roses on the commuting front.  I was completely disheartened and really lucky when a woman hit me on my bike last week.  She didn't even know she nabbed my elbow!  Thank goodness I am okay.  It feels so frustrating to me that so many people drive around without real awareness of what they are doing.  She wasn't even on the phone!  Friends it's a big responsibility driving a big steel encased vehicle.  Know it's power, please.

In other news, Spring is popping up all over the place!  Soft and fuzzy buds are everywhere.  I hope you get to notice some of them for yourself :D

Enjoy the journey,


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