Friday, January 31, 2014

We did it.

Okay, WE DID IT!  Yes, we really did.  2 plus years we rode our bikes, walked our streets and never ever did we start our car and go.  Not only did we commute the equivalence of walking across the entire country but we started the journey back!  How resilient are we!  I am so proud of our commitment.  I am beyond words proud of my 8 year old daughter that spent far more time taking in the journey than she ever did complaining.  She is so tough, joyful, creative and compassionate for all beings on this blessed planet we call Earth.
My apologies for losing interest in daily documentation of the journey, I did my best and the rest was simply living and all the twisty paths that one comes upon, on the way.  Though we have opted out of continuing in this same direction, it is now a part of our blood to seek our feet before anything else.  It makes sense and the more we explore, the deeper our relationship becomes with our community and our world.  It is refreshing to be able to go whenever we want and we have adventures already on the agenda that have not been possible for some time. But, the air outside feels good on our faces and on our faces it is free.  We are free, outside.
I have a vision that some day, more and more people will start riding and walking, more people will start paying attention to the living that is happening and there will be less interest in the phone and things that are erroneously called smart.  The streets will be filled with community and the earth will sigh in relief.  Until then, each day is a new chance to do good, to be good, to make a difference.

Be well.
Love, Shonna and Leah

Leah's official two year total 300 miles!
Official total at time of this post 4200 miles!

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