Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Check In 52 weeks!

52 weeks, 1 YEAR, 1530 miles, 270 posts, endless smiles, tears and deep breaths taken.



For the most part those miles were racked up by me but Leah did rack up 133 miles of those miles with her mama! and guess what?!  She wants to go another year!  Maybe even more excited about this new year than last year.  Now that she knows how good it feels to walk.  Knowing how good it feels to be rooted in doing the right thing for our planet, I could not be prouder.  She did tell me however that we really must clean our good girl (our car), so that she looks nice even if we don't drive her :)  It's pretty awesome to have a sweetheart that has respect for all beings and things alike.
When I studied environmental science in college we always knew the key was teaching our children how to cultivate respect for the balance of nature.  Yet it requires adults to learn new tricks to teach  them!  What a feat for us to step beyond our entrenched patterns!  Yet, I am here to say, it's possible.  And quite possibly fun.
So cheers to an amazing year and let the new year begin!

So grateful,

Shonna and Leah

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