Thursday, September 13, 2012

Check in 39 weeks

996 miles.  Funny how the longer we walk, the more it feels like we aren't doing anything.  What else can we do?   How can we excite our community to do more?  What is this world of apathy that we live in?  Global changes are happening all over the globe and yet we sigh and move on.  Perhaps it feels too big?  It's not.  That's the beauty.  It's only a work of art.  It's a very large pointillism project.  Seurat painted one tiny dot at a time.  It didn't look like anything up close but once you backed away, his strategic artistry revealed itself.  A masterpiece was born. How cool would it be to know that WE contributed to the greatest masterpiece of all time!

Get out there and let your creativity flow.


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