Monday, July 30, 2012

Check In 32 and 33 weeks

761 Miles!  Honestly, it feels so easeful at this point.  We have actually been tossing around the idea of continuing after our year is up.  I know, crazy right!  It's just that we seem to have moved into a pattern that works.  It's not always easy.  Probably the hardest part at this point is when we need groceries like fresh produce and I am too tired to get it.  My life is so physical and the thought of going out again to get some romaine feels impossible.  But maybe I live in a world where the easy has been too readily available for far too long.  Maybe it should be hard sometimes.  Maybe if it was harder our planet would be feeling better.  Our destiny might be brighter with a little more hardship.  I frankly, believe so.
Feel your truth.

Love, Shonna

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