Friday, December 16, 2011

My dad inquired and this is what I said...

Hi Shonna – cool, what kind of hopes do you have for publishing your blog? Even though you can’t predict peoples’ responses what sort of impact do you imagine your notes may have?  Curious. / Pops

Hi Dad,
Well the big thing is it's a sustainable living experience for me and Leah.  But as I started writing my intro I became excited about people feeling bits of inspiration because of our experience.  Finding ways of sharing how they are "doing" for the greater good.  I talked to a friend today that shared her experience of being a passive supporter of veterans for 5 years.  It was a nag in her gut that hurt until she finally started volunteering at the Veterans Hospital.
When she started really supporting this cause she felt a calmness in her body again.  I believe that people can only stand by and cheer for so long before they feel an urgency to respond and be a part of a solution.  Maybe just maybe our journal of daily living without driving a car will create a spark among people in my community.  Maybe it will reach beyond my community.  I don't know and I don't have any egotistical vision of it reaching far but perhaps it will reach just the right person. 
But really, when Leah is 20 and she can look back at our blog and see what we did together, the commitment we made, I know that she will feel love and appreciation and there is no greater gift I can give to her.

Thanks for asking:)

Love. Shonna

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